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You will need to give 2 trial articles to write on the keywords of our choice. If the client likes your articles we will appoint you as a writer with our company. Even if the client does not like your article, we will still train you for free as long as you have the hunger to learn in order to earn money. We will train you for free. This is one offer which you can not find anywhere in the internet.
Rules For writing:You will need to have excellent command over English languageYou can refer the internet for information but you will not do a copy paste job. You will need to form sentences of your own. Plagiarism is totally prohibited. We do not pay for the copy paste jobs. We pay you for your writing talents onlyYou will need to maintain good grammar and spellings (MS word will help you at least 80% with this. The other 20% will depend upon your talent and writing skills)You will need to give a commitment on time when you take the work. We need committed writers only. Non-committed people will not be entertained. (Example: If you are asked to submit the articles by 6:00pm it means that you will need to submit your article before that time. Excuses like system problem or internet problem will not be entertained)You will need to have the ability to understand what is explained to you in English.
If you are interested in making extra income with your writing skills, please add our Yahoo chat messenger ID: Paidarticle to your Yahoo chat contacts. You can get started straight away since there is no upfront money involved. you investment with us would be your dedication. NO INVESTMENT INVOLVED!!!
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  1. Hello sir

    I am a experienced article writer.
    how can i join u. i need this job.

    can u explain me terms and condition for this job.

    When will u come online . tell me the time. any contact .




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